How to collect a good water sample

Believe it or not, how you collect your water sample can impact the results. The proper way to collect a water sample is as follows: 1. Make sure that you have a good, clean container. Use your water sample bottle from Pisces Pool and Spas or an emptied bottle of drinking water. Really, any clean, plastic container will work. Please no pickle or salsa jars as the acid in the lid can ruin the sample. 2. Collect a small amount of water to rinse your bottle, dump this water back into the pool. 3. Take sample bottle down elbow deep and let the bottle fill completely; if there is air in the bottle it can give us an inaccurate reading on pH. 4. Cap the bottle tightly and bring it in! It is recommended that you not leave the bottle in a hot car but if you have to, hey, we understand and it can still be tested. We recommend bringing in a sample at start up, once a month during the season, and before closing so that we can adjust balancing chemicals accordingly. You can also bring a sample in when you are unsure or have a problem such as green or cloudy water. We hope this helps! Any questions give us a call! 618-775-6543