Metals in Your Pool?

Metals in the pool water can cause staining and discoloration of hair and nails. A brown or orange stain on the surface of the pool or steps is usually an iron stain. If your blonde hair is turning green, that is an indication of copper. Treating metals is a process. First please take a water sample to one of the three Pisces Pools and Spas locations. We can test for metals in the pool water. Sometimes, if the metals have fallen out of solution and stained the pool, they won’t show up in the water sample….this is where pictures really help out. If you think you have a metal stain, please take pictures on your phone and bring them in. The next step is to identify whether it is copper or iron, we have a metal identification kit that will tell us that. The next step is to remove the stain with a granular product, then we coat the metals that have been put back into solution with a product called Pool Magnet, after the metals are lifted and coated, they need to be removed through the filter with a product called Sparkle Up. The final step is to remove the metals and the Sparkle Up from the filter with a product called Kleen It. All of this can sound pretty confusing….just visit one of our three locations and we can walk you step by step through the process. As always, if you have any questions, please give us a call @ 618-775-6543.