Metals in Your Pool?

Metals in the pool water can cause staining and discoloration of hair and nails. A brown or orange stain on the surface of the pool or steps is usually an iron stain. If your blonde hair is turning green, that is an indication of copper. Treating metals is a process. First please take a water […]

Proper use and care of solar blankets

Out in the field, we come across a lot of solar blankets. Some are nestled snuggly in the pool, bubble side down, doing the job that they were meant to do which is conserving pool heat….others are wadded up on the deck, laying out in the yard, or just shoved in a corner of the […]

Tied up too much?

Have you ever been told that your chlorine is “tied up”? Well, let me explain to you what that means. Tied up chlorine refers to chlorine that is locked up by nitrogen in the water. Nitrogen comes from natural oils, sweat, makeup, urine, and fecal matter (yuck). So basically everything that we carry on our […]

Free Pool School!

We will be having another free pool school on Saturday, May 14th at 10 AM at the Pisces location in Odin. Pool school is for anyone and everyone that owns a pool or just wants to learn more about how to open and take care of a pool. If you would like to RSVP, please […]

Steps to open your pool

1. Hook up pump and filter. Plug in the pump to make sure it works. Check O-rings, lubricate if needed, and make sure unions and ball valve connections are tight. Re-thread drain plugs and pressure gauge if needed. 2. Fill the Pool. 3. Clean cover and remove. First, remove water and leaves. Clean cover with […]

Vacuum to Waste!

After you have filled the pool and taken the cover off, before you do anything else, please vacuum your pool to waste. This will remove all of the dirt and algae that has settled out over the winter before your pump and filter get a change to stir it up. We recommend you vacuum your […]

How to collect a good water sample

Believe it or not, how you collect your water sample can impact the results. The proper way to collect a water sample is as follows: 1. Make sure that you have a good, clean container. Use your water sample bottle from Pisces Pool and Spas or an emptied bottle of drinking water. Really, any clean, […]

Before you remove your cover….

Hello! Please make sure that you remove all water and debris off of your winter cover before you try to take it off of the pool. Every year we hear of people who thought they could lift that green, yucky water off of the pool but it always ends up dumping into the pool. This […]

Don’t forget to pump!

Don’t forget about your winter covers with all of this rain we are getting. Extra water on top of the cover can displace water in your pool and add unwanted stress to your cover. We recommend no more than six inches at any time. Have a great day!

Salt Water Pools: The Truth and Myths

Salt water pools are wonderful in my opinion. However, like everything else that is wonderful, there is also a down side.  When people ask me about salt water filters for pools, first I have to clarify. There is no such thing as a salt water filter, they are chlorine generators.  Generators produce chlorine, filters do as […]