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Decades of Pool & Spa Expertise

Pisces pool and spa technicians can provide pool opening and closing services, as well as pool and spa repairs and equipment upgrades. Unfortunately, we do not currently offer weekly and monthly services. However, if you have a pool or spa question or issue, give us a call. Expert advice is always in stock.

Pool Opening Services

We can save you the hassle of opening your pool. Our Pool Opening fee covers travel time fee to help offset the cost of gas, auto insurance, liability insurance, etc.; plus:

  • labor for cleaning and removing your winter cover
  • vacuuming pool and removing to waste if needed
  • a brush down walls and floor
  • a start-up pump and filter

Please note that chemicals must be purchased from Pisces Pools & Spas for us to service your pool. Also, some pools require additional vacuuming after start-up and this is NOT included. Due to time constraints and the number of pools we open each season, we are only able to allot 2 hours maximum per call. Any additional work needed will have to be rescheduled by the customer.

* We do offer a “How to Open your pool” class every spring. Check out the Education tab for more information.

Pool Closing Services

Let us help you prepare your pool for winter. Our Pool Closing fee covers the cost of drive time, labor, auto insurance, liability insurance, workers comp. insurance, and gas, plus:

  • winterizing plumbing, pump and filter
  • removing ladders if possible
  • putting on winter cover

Please note that we do NOT vacuum pools or add chemicals at closing. Due to the windy fall and springs we have, there is an additional charge on above ground pools of $100 if you want us to come back out and re-install your winter cover because it blew off. Cover clips and water tubes are available for purchase to help hold your winter cover on. However, these are not added unless the customer has requested such products. The homeowner is responsible for keeping the water level on top of the winter cover no more than 4 inches high for warranty purposes.

Pool & Spa Repairs

Pisces Pools & Spas offers installation of pumps, filters, and heaters as well above-ground and in-ground liner installations for liners. Products must have been purchased from us. We also offer spa repair on Dimension One and Hot Spring Spas within our service area. For Hayward and Pentair pumps, Polaris and Maytronics automatic pool cleaners, and some spa packs, we do provide in-store repairs. Call our Odin store for more details.